Welcome to TeaTan, the healthiest self tanner in the world.. Here we will explain how TeaTan is made and what makes it so awesome.

First, we boil a large amount of the best organic black tea leaves in the world and extract the color and nutrients from them. We then condense the tea into a concentrate and turn it into powder. This is mostly where the amazing natural color comes from that blends with your skin perfectly.

The main oil mix is cold pressed organic olive oil. We use this for the main oil because it absorbs best into your skin and feels great! It also has many health benefits as well.

Next is where the magic happens by adding just the right amount of raw organic shea butter bought straight from a village in Africa, organic safflower oil, organic carrot oil, organic guar gum or xanthan, just a tiny organic tea tree oil, organic raw vitamin C, and some secret stuff that makes it work the magic you will love for a lifetime.

organic self tanner

Next we mix everything with just the right portions and heat (this part took a lot to master). Everything is mixed in stainless steel commercial grade buckets and over-sized beakers with super heavy duty emulsion drills. This is all done by hand in a sterile environment.

Our TeaTan with Sun block will have a couple extra ingredients added as well like zinc oxide or similar.

We then scoop it out by hand into each canister and shrink wrap it for total freshness.

Next we ship it to you so you can get a great self tan and make your skin happy with all the healthy nutrients.


Now what's so great about the best looking healthy organic self tanner?

1. TeaTan is actually really, really, good for your skin. It's the same as high end organic face skin creams but you can use it for your face or body. As a bonus, the natural tea color and healthy additives makes it an all in one skin care solution.

2. TeaTan is a better self tanner as well. It doesn't streak, it doesn't smell, and best of all, it doesn't get on your clothes or stain the bathtub. TeaTan just does natural looking self tanning that always looks, smells, and feels great!

3. Benefits include, better color, more even color, better pigmentation, better skin rejuvenation, better healing, stronger skin, sun protection, and much more.

4. Your skin is our largest organ and needs to be healthy just like the rest of our body. TeaTan will help with that!

5. TeaTan is made from all organic raw materials and almost all shipped directly from where they are made.

Thank for reading and drop us a line anytime if you have any questions.

Your healthy skin partner for life