• Welcome to TeaTan

    Welcome To TeaTan!

    TeaTan is the best looking healthy organic self tanning lotion. Make your skin look and feel great today with no funny smells.

  • Healthy Tanner

    TeaTan is great for your skin

    Self tanning lotion just got healthy for your skin. TeaTan has natural antioxidants and vitamin C!

  • look great

    Look great all the time

    TeaTan doesn't stain your clothes, your hands, the bath tub, or even smudge. Just a healthy natural looking tan all day long!

  • Organic Self Tanner Lotion Sample
  • Organic Self Tanner Lotion Sample

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    Order today and get your TeaTan within a couple days

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    Call or send an email anytime, we are happy to help!

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    Purchase risk free with PayPal or stop by our store in Scottsdale and pay with cash.

Who's TeaTan?

TeaTan is a devoted company that makes healthy organic tea based tanning lotions.

We simply seen a needed improvement in self tanners. More and more people are realizing how risky it is to use tanning beds and laying in the sun for long times. This has made self tanning a growing industry. The issue with most self tanners is they are bad for your skin and smell bad. TeaTan is great for you skin, more like a healthy lotion than a self tanner. TeaTan also has no smell and looks natural all day!